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Comparison - Palo (Open Source) / Jedox (Premium)

The open source community edition of Jedox is provided under the name Palo. Palo is based on a 12-15 months older code base as the Premium Edition Jedox. In addition to the newer code base, the Premium Edition also offers numerous premium features in terms of scalability, performance, connectivity, and report management.

There are users who start with the Open Source Edition Palo and with increasing demands they upgrade to the premium version Jedox. Other users will begin directly with the premium version (30 day trial).

For the Jedox Suite there is a support, training, consulting offering from Jedox. There is no Support or Consulting available for the Open Source Edition. Open-Source users can use our community forum.


Übersicht Palo / Jedox
Installation Wizard/All-in-One OK
Silent Install OK
Excel Add-in OK OK
Excel-2-Web Publishing OK
Multi Processor Support OK
Single Sign On (LDAP, AD, SAP, MS) OK
Workflow OK
Event Management OK
Relational Data drill through OK
Web Spreadsheet OK OK
Web Pivot (Java Web Client) OK OK
File Manager OK OK
User Manager OK OK
ETL Manager OK OK
OLAP Manager OK
Report Manager OK
Excel Integration OK
Batch Printing & Development OK
ETL Server OK OK
SAP Connectivity OK
Mobile Server OK
Mobile Skin OK
iPad / iPhone App OK
Android App OK
Analyzer OK
GPU Accelerator OK
3rd Party Access (XMLA / ODBO) OK
Support OK
Software Assurance OK
Maintenance OK
Hotfixes / Service Releases OK


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