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Palo OLAP Server is a multidimensional in-memory OLAP Server.

All the data the Palo OLAP Server holds is organized in cubes, dimensions, elements and element attributes. This model is so durable because it accurately reflects the way users think of their business. Palo offers a model which is ideal for departmental solutions and self-service BI because it is particularly easy to use.

Performance by In-Memory Technology

The most rewarding aspect of the in-memory technology is the speed advantage. Compared to an old-style ROLAP system in-memory technologies have the potential to be as much as 100 times faster than an OLAP system with a disk based relational database. Speed is especially important for Palo, as it supports multidimensional formulas and write-back of data. When the data in the cube changes, all aggregated numbers change as well as all calculation results are instantly available real-time. The cubes do not have to be reprocessed. They are ready to use as soon as the users defines them.

Real-Time Aggregation

Palo’s real-time aggregation and calculation capability is particularly important, since Jedox view of business intelligence includes the planning – not just the analysis and reporting features of traditional OLAP. The Palo Olap server works in memory and provides real time calculation, as well as cross data source calculations. The server supports multi-core and multi processor architectures, and offers a completely open API that can easily be accessed from any third party application.

Modelling made simple, even in Microsoft Excel

Palo OLAP Server also supports real-time modelling. This means users can modify hierarchies and even create new cubes on the fly in the familiar Excel environment. The database returns new aggregated values immediately. Real time modelling is a powerful simulation feature, that lets planners play out what-if scenarios involving changes in their corporate structures. This is another reason why the Jedox designers chose in-memory technology when they started to implement Palo OLAP Server.

Extend Palo OLAP via open serial interfaces

Palo OLAP offers a variety of ways t extend your application via API and standard serial interfaces. Serial interfaces in VBA, PHP, C++, Java and .NET allow Palo OLAP to be extended. In this way partners and customers are able to provide further functionalities for Palo OLAP. In the Premium Version we will additionally offer ODBO and XMLA as a serial interface.


In addition to providing a multi-dimensional data analysis of existing data, Palo allows the input of new data directly into the cube and facilitates both top-down as well as bottom-up planning. This important characteristic makes Palo different from relational OLAP servers.

User Rights

The Managing User Rights function is a feature available since Palo 1.5. It enables you to manage access rights for databases, cubes, dimensions and dimension elements, users, user groups, cell data and selected system operations. You can define five different rights: Splash (writing into consolidated cells), Delete, Write, Read, None. These rights are assigned to the various user groups.

Palo is multidimensional

Multidimensionality is an alternative way of organizing data in a database. In a relational database you are used to structures like tables, records and fields. In a multidimensional database you are thinking in terms of cubes and dimensions and cells. A spreadsheet supports maximum 3 dimensions. What do you do in Excel if you want to organize your data in more than two dimensions? From experience we know that large organisations and enterprises usually require five to ten dimensions to store their data in a sensible and for them convenient way. This is one of the reasons why we developed Palo. Palo supports up to 256 Dimensions. It allows us to structure data in a much more detailed manner as Excel does.

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