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Open Source Business Intelligence for Planning, Analysis, Reporting and Consolidation

You are using Microsoft Excel or Open office Calc for your planning, analysis and reporting application and are reaching the applications and technology limits?

Extend your planning, analysis and reporting process with Palo for Excel to a cost efficient Business Intelligence Solution. You will avoid the well known spreadsheet hell due to Palo’s central data storage logic, whilst remaining in your comfortable Excel User Interface.

As a Palo User you do not have to leave your known Excel environment. Palo simply ensures that relevant dimensions of corporate information can be viewed and analyzed at the same time. Even in Excel, the most popular tool when it comes to storing corporate information.

Palo for Excel includes the powerful OLAP Server Database, plus the Microsoft Excel Add-in (alternatively Open office add- in) which allows to build a complete Business Intelligence solution.

Commercial Open-Source Business Intelligence for Planning, Analysis and Reporting

  • Features a highly efficient multidimensional in-memory database that is available to all users
  • Supports write-back, real-time consolidation as well as numerous Business Intelligence basic functions
  • Developed in particular for the purpose of planning, analysis, reporting and consolidation in the areas of finance, sales and controlling

Microsoft Excel Extension

Palo for Excel extends your Microsoft Excel application by an easy to install Add-in, that allows access to the Palo OLAP Server functionalities, directly out of Excel. Starting from Data modelling, administration of User management up to simple Data import are all accessible from your known Excel environment. Palo for Excel works with Microsoft Office XP, 2003, 2007 and 2010. Alternatively you may use Palo for Open Office Calc.

Palo is Cell-based

When you do a query in a relational database, the smallest result you get is one record (usually consisting of several fields). When you run a query in Palo, your result is a single cell value. Palo thinks in cells, not in records, and this explains why Palo is so compatible with Microsoft Excel, because Excel is cell-based, too.

In the following we have listed the main features of Palo for Excel and Palo OLAP Server:

  • Write-Back
  • cell-based
  • multidimensional
  • hierarchical
  • memory-based & Real-time
  • server-based
  • Subsets
  • Rules
  • User Rights

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