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Palo Web combines all components of Palo in one uniform Web Platform.

Palo Web is a component of the Palo Suite, and includes all tools and modules that are necessary to create comprehensive Planning, Analysis and Reporting applications. All components are 100% web-based and do not need to be installed on your PC.

Palo Web consists of the following:

Palo Spreadsheet: Palo spreadsheet offers the comfortable User interface and usability known within Microsoft Excel, but also adds new features such as Dyna Ranges (a dynamic formatting technology) which simplify creation of dynamic Reports and Planning.

Palo Pivot: Allows Ad-Hoc requests on all Databases of a Palo OLAP Data model. Palo Pivot allows filtering of all Dimensions, as well as their rows and columns. A request can be saved at any point and be shared with any collaborators.

Palo User Manager: within the Palo User Manager you manage all users and user groups within the Palo Suite that are allowed to access single components and Databases.

Palo ETL Manager: Within the Palo ETL Manager all Data integration projects are created, supervised and launched. In addition to the definition of source and target, the transformation and loading of Data into a Palo OLAP Data bases, the Palo ETL Manager also creates monitoring reports of the launched Data integration processes.

Palo File Manager: The Palo File manager allows you to set user rights for every file within the Palo suite in addition to the Palo Pivot and Palo Spreadsheet files. Palo File Manager offers every user and every application a data space to save files on. Hence, other information that may be included in a text doc or a PDF can easily be integrated into the Palo Application.

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